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Mission and Vision

Part of our history is this famous window in the church of Centocow, South Africa. In Germany one finds sculptures and paintings called "Schutzmantelmadonna", i.e. Our Lady of the Proctecting cloak. People find protection under the cloak of Mary, which is on both sides suspended by two angels.
On the right of Our Lady is Abbot Francis Pfanner, and just above his head we see the head of Fr Edward Mnganga (one the first black priests). Kneeling next to Abbot Francis is Cardinal Gotti of Propaganda Fide. Next to Cardinal, is Abbot Amandus and then, strangely enough, a more youthful Abbot Francis and his loyal friend Bro. Zacharias. The head above that of Bro. Zacharias is that of Fr. David A.T. Bryant.
On the left of the Madonna kneels Sr. Natalia, one of early "Red Sisters". Then we see Pope Pius X, who separated Mariannhill from the Trappist order in 1909. Next to Pope Pius X, is Bishop Jolivet then Vicar Apostolic of Natal.
Above Bishop Jolivet we see Chief Sakhayedwa of Pholela, who invited the Trappist to teach his people "to read the flies on the paper" in 1886, which marked the beginning of a real MISSION

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Celebrating centenary of the death of Abbot Francis Pfanner

Our Joy In Being Catholics : Review

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